Prioritizing with the Pareto Principle

Application to Inventory Supply and Management

Prioritizing with Pareto

Discover the secret behind how these leading manufacturers reduce wasted time managing class "C" components!

Vendor Managed Inventory Clients

Who is Falcon Fastening Solutions?

For over 35 years, Falcon Fastening Solutions has provided fully-automated distribution and inventory management services for manufacturers. We work exclusively with manufacturers who consume a high volume of "C" class components in their assembly processes.

Why don't you have a catalog or online store?

Falcon is not a typical supplier. Made-to-print (custom engineered) client parts are 92.7% of our stock. We buy and stock all inventory exclusively for our customers as part of our Reliable Stock inventory management programs. This allows us to find the best cost savings for each client as well as to keep safety stock on hand and additional inventory on order. 

What is Falcon's service area?

In order to maximize client savings, typically, we only service manufacturers in the Carolinas, Kentucky and Indiana who are within 4 hours of our Charlotte, NC and Louisville, KY distribution centers. Because we warehouse inventory items locally, we can provide expedient response time and avoid freight costs that our customers would otherwise incur by buying direct. 

Why should I choose Falcon as my supplier?

We aren’t for everyone, but for qualified manufacturers we handle all the heavy lifting in the procurement, inspection, stocking, and replenishment processes. We do that while contractually guaranteeing to reduce their total cost of ownership, never shut down production, and provided quarterly documented cost savings. No "if", "and" or "but" about it.

What Falcon's Clients Are Saying

Russell Herron - Fab Fours

"I consider Falcon to be my strongest supplier. They do more than just fill orders; they take care of every aspect of my hardware business so that I can focus on other areas that need my very limited time."

Ruble Gray - Spirax Sarco

"Falcon has replaced 63 suppliers of Class "C" production components. Implementation of their system has provided our purchasing staff the ability to focus on higher priority issues."

Don't you have more important things to manage?

Let Falcon save you time and money by managing the nuisance parts that consume too much of your valuable time!

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