The ABC Inventory Analysis Guide

Discover the "Non-Negotiable Prerequisite" to Leaning Out Procurement and Achievning World-Class Material Flow!


What is ABC Inventory Analysis?

ABC inventory classification is a simple and powerful inventory optimization tool that plays a vital role in inventory control and material flow planning.  

ABC inventory classification empowers lean manufacturers to improve the efficiency of the inventory replenishment schedule. If you want to properly and effectively implement Kanban, ABC analysis is a non-negotiable prerequisite.  

Download the ABC Inventory Analysis Guide today and discover how to start leaning out your inventory operations!  

Download the Step-by-Step ABC Inventory Analysis Guide!

  • Discover the lean mean power of ABC Inventory Analysis! 
  • Learn how to quickly and easily conduct ABC Analysis (7 illustrated steps)!
  • Learn tips and tricks for conducting ABC classification the right way.

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